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I Cannot Help Myself

I simply have to add this short note for the readers of my Palestinian adventures.

I am having so much fun telling these stories. I’m new to writing, remember. Last evening I submitted my copy of my manuscript to publication of my first book Hawaiʻi Calling. Sometime this summer I will become a published author. But it’s all new stuff.

And, OMG, how fun!

It amazes me what happens with writing. Even though I have long experienced and known this, it still amazes me. Memory–what a marvel. As I write and share these precious stories from a time seven or eight years ago, I am reliving the experiences. My senses are alert. I see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel everything as it happened then.

Memory. Past, present, future. Future memory? You bet! How often do we imagine and foretell something that we will do. We plan a vacation and imagine it happening. We revisit that idea. Is it not a future memory?

And this budding author is having a blast, mixing memories of then, now and tomorrow. Memory stew.

Thanks for sharing with me.

Ric d. Stark


“Your Facebook page has been disabled.”

What! Panicked but determined, I searched for means of rebuttal–contact, appeal, mistake. I found “You may appeal for review, which may be delayed due to staff shortages with Covid…” I clicked appeal and followed instructions.

Every entry referred me to “Community Policies”. I read them–all of them!– three/ four times. Nothing. What did I do wrong? Considering the disgusting postings of the past five years from some dark corners of our universe, how could I have been disabled? No nudity. No profanity. No hate speech. Nothing.

Two days passed. I logged into my page. New message. “Review completed. Affirmed. Account is disabled.” No appeal. No process. Done. Kicked off the platform.

I poured again through “Community Policies”. Again, nothing.

A memory–a spark. A few days after I opened my Facebook page, I had received an email message from Facebook. “Someone not connected with your account has been…” Had I been hacked? Was someone unknown to me able to use my new page for alternative purposes?

Helpless, helpless, helpless, help!

Budding Author—All In

Emotions of Writing

Contemplating posting some of my micro memoirs here on my website.. Nervous—scared. Public scrutiny.

Getting close to finishing manuscript for my first book. Today, Revision #12. Excited—eager. The beginning of the end—first time.

Final meeting with my writing “coach” in ten days. Nervous—eager. Asked that we focus on one of my micros for submission to Brevity + a couple gay literary journals (I havenʻt chosen them yet.)

I knew this writing stuff would propel me into deep dive. It has done that—and some. Upcoming project—my tell-all version of “Daddy Dearest.” Excited—scared. Deep diving ahead—without scuba gear.