An American Visitor

My first visit to Palestine was a three-week vacation in September 2013. Through online interaction, I had met and conversed with a Palestinian man from West Bank. Arrangements were made so that this person would be my host and guide during a short vacation. Excited about my exotic travel plans (I had never left USContinue reading “An American Visitor”

An Oasis of Humanity

“Oh my gosh! What a view!” I had not anticipated it. As I turned and gazed across the open expanse, I was looking toward the site that the Hamdan family would enjoy from their home not yet built. An open picture of southern Palestine lay below. Olive groves; small villages; open desert in numerous huesContinue reading “An Oasis of Humanity”

Salaam Alaikum

Farouk parked his car against a concrete wall. It left just enough space for traffic to pass by in the narrow street in Fawwar, a Palestinian town outside of Hebron. Following Farouk, I walked into an alley that was narrow and slightly inclined uphill. At the third concrete building, we paused at a black metalContinue reading “Salaam Alaikum”

Who are Palestinians?

When we Americans hear the word “Palestinian,” what thoughts come to mind? I can offer an answer from my own mind. Before 2013, if someone said to me, “This Palesinian guy was killed in Gaza today.” Well, I immediately thought… Terrorist Suicide bomber Dangerous Misogynist men, submissive women. Dark, hairy, smelly A person to avoidContinue reading “Who are Palestinians?”