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So tell me, please. Today…

Am I standing a bit taller (rather than a shrinking old man)?

Do I look a bit wiser (or more foolish)?

Do I sound slightly more authoritative (when I mutter something out loud)?

Does my writing room smell a bit like that of a college prof (minus the pipe odor)?

Do I get to step to the front of the line (at Costco)?

Does my doggy listen and mind (rather than jumping up on folks)?

Do my neighbors leave gifts (on my doorstep)?

Does Paula Akana call me for an interview (on KITV News 4)?

Okay, let me answer (since I don’t hear anyone replying)…

The first one? Yeah, maybe a bit. I am terribly proud and unable to act with humility (ha‘aha‘a, Aunty called it.)

The rest of the list? gets progressively more delusional (Yes, I do know that.)

Gary in my Sunday morning writing group commented a few days ago, “An author doesn’t really get noticed until he/she/they have published seven or eight books.

Okay! Well, I’m editing book #2. Book #3 is ~80% written. Give me a couple years and I’ll get there. 

So, I wonder… Will Paula Akana still be anchoring KITV News when I finally do get that interview on evening news?

What’s a writer, if not a dreamer?

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to say… Today, August 24, 2021, Ric d. Stark is a published author. Hooray! Hawai‘i Calling goes live.