What to Do with a Night Moonbow

Night Moonbow Publishing LLC. Now there’s a name for you! What? Moonbow? Google Docs repeatedly challenged my mis-spelling of the word—until I “told” it to “learn” the word. But it’s interesting to me. The online dictionary doesn’t even recognize the name of my new publishing company. You meant “rainbow,” right? Or “moonlight”? Or “moonshine”? Noooo,Continue reading “What to Do with a Night Moonbow”

Lake Waiau—the Science

On August 24, 2021, my first book Hawai‘i Calling will be published. (Wahooooo!)I am so excited. A goal since I was seventeen years old, “writing my book” has always been a formidable unachievable task on my “to do” list. No longer! Ric d. Stark is a published author. It only took me 55 years…  OneContinue reading “Lake Waiau—the Science”