What If…?

Boyhood summer vacations spelled pleasures, beginning with summer church camp in June. One whole week of rowdy camp songs, instant friendships and relaxed boundaries—formula for the unexpected. In 1962 nearing my fourteenth birthday, summer camp meant Jimmy Burling from Britt, Iowa. Eyeing one another on day one, we were inseparable before evening mess hall. HowContinue reading “What If…?”

Budding Author—All In

Emotions of Writing Contemplating posting some of my micro memoirs here on my website.. Nervous—scared. Public scrutiny. Getting close to finishing manuscript for my first book. Today, Revision #12. Excited—eager. The beginning of the end—first time. Final meeting with my writing “coach” in ten days. Nervous—eager. Asked that we focus on one of my microsContinue reading “Budding Author—All In”