Hawai‘i Calling (autographed by the author)

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Hawai‘i Calling, a memoir of Ric’s answering his heart by moving to Hawai‘i and voyaging through the joys and challenges of making Hawai‘i his heart home.


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When a March vacation in 1986 offers an escape from one more brutal Minnesota winter, it turns into an unexpected calling. In a leap of faith, Ric d. Stark leaves his mainland home behind and moves to Hawai‘i, changing the course of his life forever.

In intimate and poignant stories of loving friendships, bizarre encounters with Hawaiian spirits, and the challenges of navigating an unfamiliar cultural landscape, Stark invites readers to join him on his journey to make Hawai‘i his “hear home.”

Come. Share Ric’s adventures and voyage with him into his island homeland, Hawai‘i—the home of Ric’s heart.

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1 review for Hawai‘i Calling (autographed by the author)

  1. Kevin Moran (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful description of a personal story of Ric’s path toward self-belonging hallmarked by his journey toward finding belonging in his home place. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. Ric’s vulnerability is as powerful as it is awe-inspiring. 10/10 highly recommend!

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