Israeli Settlements

Dominate Discussion at Dinner Noor turned toward me where I was seated at the end of the table, a place of honor for a guest at the family dinner.  As Noor spoke in English, the din of family conversation hushed. Everyone showed respect and listened to the family’s niece. “Mr. Ric, let me tell youContinue reading “Israeli Settlements”

Family Meal

West Bank–Fawwar, 2014 Noise in the front doorway, sounds of cars passing on the street. Holy Day prayer service had ended and more guests had arrived for weekly family gathering.  I was introduced to Farouk’s sister Miriam and her husband Fahim. Three young women extended hasty greetings and then disappeared into the kitchen to assistContinue reading “Family Meal”

Who are Palestinians?

When we Americans hear the word “Palestinian,” what thoughts come to mind? I can offer an answer from my own mind. Before 2013, if someone said to me, “This Palesinian guy was killed in Gaza today.” Well, I immediately thought… Terrorist Suicide bomber Dangerous Misogynist men, submissive women. Dark, hairy, smelly A person to avoidContinue reading “Who are Palestinians?”