Budding Author—All In

Emotions of Writing Contemplating posting some of my micro memoirs here on my website.. Nervous—scared. Public scrutiny. Getting close to finishing manuscript for my first book. Today, Revision #12. Excited—eager. The beginning of the end—first time. Final meeting with my writing “coach” in ten days. Nervous—eager. Asked that we focus on one of my microsContinue reading “Budding Author—All In”

When Revising My Writing Becomes Impossible

Tuesday I learned that my beloved manuscript for my first memoir (working title, “Hawaiʻi Calling”) may be 1-1/2 times longer than allowed by the Haliʻa Aloha hybrid publishing program in which I am participating. Talk about murdering “our darlings”? (article in The Cut, July,22, 2020.) K-l-l-lam-m-mp! The lid slams. In a coffin. I can’t see.Continue reading “When Revising My Writing Becomes Impossible”

Full Moon Writings

No wonder Heno and I can’t sleep tonight. Full moon. The nights of fanged vampires, furry-skinned werewolves, and itchy penned writers with their canine friends. Having missed my commitment to a Saturday posting, I can publish this blog entry by 5:00 a.m. Hawaii readers will think I posted late last night?  I spent Friday-Saturday onContinue reading “Full Moon Writings”

Revision– Search for Poetic Prose

My second one-hour Zoom meeting with my cohort instructor, Darien Gee. Monday, two days ago. I unmuted myself– bid aloha– giddy, gleeful. I had revised the three micros, which Darien had reviewed and commented upon. I’d nailed ‘em. Chest all puffed. Ready for praises. We spent most of the hour, revising one piece. Of theContinue reading “Revision– Search for Poetic Prose”

Surprise! Editing Is Fun!

I thought I would hate editing. Creating– thatʻs my thing. Open the floodgate and let the good manaʻo (thought) flow. Editing? Shouldnʻt that be a job for a nerd behind a desk, crammed into the corner of some office somewhere– who knows where– who cares? Let someone else edit. I just want to write. TurnsContinue reading “Surprise! Editing Is Fun!”

Write about Being Really Angry

Assignment from Writing the Hawaiʻi Memoir by Darien Gee. Stomping up the backstairs to our sprawling lanai, I plump into a chair at the breakfast table. I sit, staring ahead at nothing. I do not pull my chair up close– an act of defiance. B-n-b guests (two couples) are chattering with light-hearted laughter– which suddenlyContinue reading “Write about Being Really Angry”