What to Do with a Night Moonbow

Night Moonbow Publishing LLC. Now there’s a name for you! What? Moonbow? Google Docs repeatedly challenged my mis-spelling of the word—until I “told” it to “learn” the word. But it’s interesting to me. The online dictionary doesn’t even recognize the name of my new publishing company. You meant “rainbow,” right? Or “moonlight”? Or “moonshine”? Noooo,Continue reading “What to Do with a Night Moonbow”

Lake Waiau—Hawaiian Style

I knew that Hawaiians have a powerful spiritual connection with Lake Waiau, atop Mauna Kea on Hawai‘i Island. So many songs and legends about Mauna Kea—of course, it has special import for the kanaka maoli (native people). To be sure, the land (ka ‘aina) is treasured by Hawaiians. Yet, Mauna Kea is special above anyContinue reading “Lake Waiau—Hawaiian Style”

Lake Waiau—the Science

On August 24, 2021, my first book Hawai‘i Calling will be published. (Wahooooo!)I am so excited. A goal since I was seventeen years old, “writing my book” has always been a formidable unachievable task on my “to do” list. No longer! Ric d. Stark is a published author. It only took me 55 years…  OneContinue reading “Lake Waiau—the Science”

Happy Birthday, Ric d.

Happy Birthday, indeed. When I turned seventy, I groaned and decided, No more birthday celebrations. I’m getting old. Today, two years later, I celebrate 72 and I say, “Blow the horns. Chime the bells. Let the world know.” Three weeks from tomorrow, August 24, my first book, Hawai‘i Calling, will publish. At seventy-two, I amContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Ric d.”

Israel for Whom???

Last week I heard another statement from Israel that curdled my blood. Some politician (I don’t think it was the new right-wing Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett.) decreed that God chose the Jewish people as His chosen and gave them the land of Israel. Israel is meant for Jews and no one else.  Such a statementContinue reading “Israel for Whom???”

Outrage Over Muslim Prayer Ban

I honestly don’t know what to do with myself on this one. Posting my outrage seems pitifully inadequate. Playing the “songs” of Muslim call to prayer soothes my soul. But I doubt it can affect real change.  I am beyond enraged… and here’s why… Last week I read one newsfeed somewhere about the state ofContinue reading “Outrage Over Muslim Prayer Ban”

Arabic 101

Sometime during the second month of my Palestinian stay, I tackled the challenge of learning the Arabic language. I was joining the Al Jaabari family every Friday for an afternoon and evening of sharing food and conversation. But I was definitely on the sidelines with the conversation. I determined to change that. I purchased aContinue reading “Arabic 101”