Palestinian Anonymity

A disclaimer is needed as I begin to share my stories from Palestine. I have changed all names in my stories. The memories, the places, the foods, the sights, the experiences–all of these are real and I describe them as I remember them. But I have deliberately disguised the people in my stories. I willContinue reading “Palestinian Anonymity”

Salaam Alaikum

Farouk parked his car against a concrete wall. It left just enough space for traffic to pass by in the narrow street in Fawwar, a Palestinian town outside of Hebron. Following Farouk, I walked into an alley that was narrow and slightly inclined uphill. At the third concrete building, we paused at a black metalContinue reading “Salaam Alaikum”

Who are Palestinians?

When we Americans hear the word “Palestinian,” what thoughts come to mind? I can offer an answer from my own mind. Before 2013, if someone said to me, “This Palesinian guy was killed in Gaza today.” Well, I immediately thought… Terrorist Suicide bomber Dangerous Misogynist men, submissive women. Dark, hairy, smelly A person to avoidContinue reading “Who are Palestinians?”


“Your Facebook page has been disabled.” What! Panicked but determined, I searched for means of rebuttal–contact, appeal, mistake. I found “You may appeal for review, which may be delayed due to staff shortages with Covid…” I clicked appeal and followed instructions. Every entry referred me to “Community Policies”. I read them–all of them!– three/ fourContinue reading “Helpless”

What If…?

Boyhood summer vacations spelled pleasures, beginning with summer church camp in June. One whole week of rowdy camp songs, instant friendships and relaxed boundaries—formula for the unexpected. In 1962 nearing my fourteenth birthday, summer camp meant Jimmy Burling from Britt, Iowa. Eyeing one another on day one, we were inseparable before evening mess hall. HowContinue reading “What If…?”

Outhouse Terrors

An outhouse, thirty feet from the front door of Grandpa Glasenerʻs cabin at Bark Point. For a seven-year-old with an overactive imagination, 300 yards into the big bad forest. Our summer vacation home on the southern shore of Lake Superior had running water but no indoor plumbing. In the daytime, no problem. Well, fewer problems.Continue reading “Outhouse Terrors”