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Searching for Love; Finding it Within

Ric d. Stark is new to a post-retirement career in literary non-fiction.

With his participation in Haliʻa Aloha, a nine-month mentoring program of Watermark Publishing, Ric affords us the promise of a skilled pen. His first micro memoir, Hawaiʻi Calling, proffers evidence that it is never too late to begin. An accomplished master of Hawaiian quilting, Ric lives in Ewa Beach, Hawaiʻi with his dog Heno.

Ric is a master Hawaiian quilter with twenty-three years of experience. Grateful recipient of numerous quilting awards, Ric is both designer and maker of his unique, Hawaiian quilts. Visit his site at http://www.hawaiianquilter.com.

In March 2021, Jenni Smith conducted an interview with me, capturing my love and dedication for my quilting. Here is a link to that interview, posted in Quiltfolk (my favorite quilting publication.)

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Author of literary nonfiction– gay writer with a skilled pen

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