From a Friend

Who Knows Me Well

Aloha Ric,
Well, it’s your fault that my floor is dirty & there are dishes in the sink. I got your book today, came home from the post office, sat down & read the whole thing.

I so recognized that awareness of Hawai’i being my rightful home. From my first step at Kona airport until now I have never doubted or regretted being here. I know I will always be a haole, fortunate to have been accepted by the people of this land & that’s the next best thing to actually having Hawaiian blood. “On the voyage”.

Your book is wonderful & I was sad to have it end. Glimpses of young Ric & his family; laughs; learning things – I didn’t know about your time with a clothing line! – poignant, thought provoking, just a joy to read. Already wanting to read it again, slower instead of gobbling every word. Underlining some things.
It’s just you. Wonderfully you.


Ric: That’s a pretty damn nice book review, no?!!!!

My reply to Wendy: “Wow! Thanks… Btw, the dishes in the bottom of my sink are two days old. I’m lost in the final edits of book #2, “An American in Palestine.”

Wendy’s reply to that: “Don’t worry about the dishes, just keep working on the next book.”

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