Happy Birthday, Ric d.

Happy Birthday, indeed. When I turned seventy, I groaned and decided, No more birthday celebrations. I’m getting old. Today, two years later, I celebrate 72 and I say, “Blow the horns. Chime the bells. Let the world know.”

Three weeks from tomorrow, August 24, my first book, Hawai‘i Calling, will publish. At seventy-two, I am finally realizing a goal I set when I was seventeen. Plus, I am currently editing book #2 and learning Adobe InDesign, so that I can self-publish An American in Palestine. …and… Book #3 is stored in some 100+ micro memoirs on my Google drive, waiting to be collated into book form. 

You might say the old fart is on a roll. Since this is my year (year of the Ox on the Chinese horoscope), this fiery Leo is tapping all the neurons and synapses in his brain. Let’s hope what connects and emits is worth the effort!

Today, I am celebrating #72 with one primary task. By day’s end, I aim to have a payment and shipping system connected to my writer’s website. And I intend to get my contact list ready, set for my “Go” announcement of advance book sales for Hawai‘i Calling.

I will celebrate tonight with my neighbor and lay-editing friend Connie with dinner at Assagio’s in Kapolei.

Who says getting old is less… less anything?

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New to a post-retirement commitment to literary non-fiction, Ric d. Stark will focus memories on gay life, Hawaiʻi life and Hawaiian quilting.

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