Stretching me

The workbook assignment this morning– “Write about being really angry.”

Damn! I DO it so well. Why is it so difficult to write it?

This whole project with Haliʻa Aloha is stretching me. I feel like pizza dough– when you place it in the middle of the pan and try to spread it toward the edges. It keeps recoiling, wanting to remain a tight ball. It’s that elasticity you feel when you work the dough– the same elasticity I feel inside some days. I want to write the way I have always written. My “skilled pen” fights the command to stretch– to reach for he manaʻo (ideas with feeling) that are beyond my comfort zone.

This post is a detour– a diversion from the morning assignment. Now, I need to get back and “write about being really angry.” Thanks for giving me “time out”.

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New to a post-retirement commitment to literary non-fiction, Ric d. Stark will focus memories on gay life, Hawaiʻi life and Hawaiian quilting.

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