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Why a Taser Like a Gun?

I have only one question today. Why in this universe of human ingenuity and intelligence would anyone design, manufacture and produce a weapon such as a taser to resemble remotely in design, look, feel, function anything approaching the image of a gun?!!!!

Could Have Been

“I don’t know if you heard, Tom Jansen died of AIDS.” My brother Jeff had maintained a connection with Lake City, Iowa. I had graduated high school, moved away to college, lived a life far different than one in small-town, rural Iowa. Heart sting—it hurt. “No, I didn’t know.” It wounded me. The lost connectionContinue reading “Could Have Been”

Budding Author—All In

Emotions of Writing Contemplating posting some of my micro memoirs here on my website.. Nervous—scared. Public scrutiny. Getting close to finishing manuscript for my first book. Today, Revision #12. Excited—eager. The beginning of the end—first time. Final meeting with my writing “coach” in ten days. Nervous—eager. Asked that we focus on one of my microsContinue reading “Budding Author—All In”

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